English Community Group (Leicester)

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The English Community Group (Leicester) is in part what many would deem to be an anti-racism group too, challenging any institutionalised discrimination and Anglophobia aimed at the English or England.

When the English merely assert their identity they are instantly treated with an array of negative reactions: suspicion, demonisation or fear.

When the English community voices any concern for itself it is met with sustained antagonism and negativity from official sources such as the government or media. In effect, we have directed against us the full force of institutionalised Anglophobia, from the British state and its organs. 

The consequences of such sustained anti-Englishness directed against the English has led to the English feeling persecuted, demonised, marginalised and in some cases self-loathsome. The English have been led to believe that should they try to express any feelings of English sentiment or identity they will be accused of racism. This fear has actually materialised in recent years with police and local government arresting or abusing English people who are merely expressing their sense of national pride or their concerns of identity.

The level of institutionalised Anglophobia and what many would deem racism against our community should never exist and we intend to expose and to lawfully deal with any and all such manifestations of this directed against our community.

We are here to voice the concerns of the many English who feel fear and anxiety holding them back when wishing to express their wishes, needs, concerns and cultural sensitivities of their own community. We are those brave few amongst our community who wish to make a stand for the English community in that respect and to do so in a lawful, polite and articulate manner. We intend that others within our community will take heart and follow our lead and join with us in voicing the needs and aspirations of our community whilst opposing institutionalised and public Anglophobia.


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